Let’s get started!

LaurenHi, I’m Lauren!

So at this stage in my life, I don’t have the time, money, or heck, maybe even the personality to be a travel writer. Travel writers probably spend 50-60% of their time, maybe more, on location trying to get the story. Me? One of the main things I need to do to maintain my sanity is stay home and and lounge in yoga pants and drink all the tea. I mean, like…all the tea.

I’m not exactly the type of person who goes to Ibiza (is Ibiza even still hip anymore?! I’m old!!), makes a dozen new friends, and then stays out all night discovering the hottest clubs.

And yet, I feel like such much of my life has guided me toward something travel-related. Despite my more introverted tendencies, there is still a massive part of me that loves to travel, to see new sites and cultures, and to learn new languages (well, words in new languages, let’s be real).

Almost the very second I have an inkling to take a trip somewhere, near or far, I open up a blank document and start listing sites I want to see, restaurants I want to try, neighborhoods I want to stay in. These itineraries have become the stuff of legends among my friends, usually in a way that leaves them wide-eyed and really, really, I mean really confused. But I won’t be stopped!

Travel itineraries have long helped me deal with FOMO, Fear of Missing Out. It’s certainly not the typical advice you hear about taking a deep breath and trying to be in the moment—it’s pure wish fulfillment, a grownup version of playing pretend. It lets me connect, albeit briefly, with the vacation version of myself: someone who is adventurous, brave, creative, spontaneous…and above all, grateful.

I’m sure we’ve all heard by now how much gratitude can decrease stress and improve your well-being (if not, you can read more here; you’re welcome). By putting myself in touch with Vacation Lauren, I feel more like myself, and more equipped to handle what life throws at me. 

So join me, won’t you? Let’s get started making some travel itineraries and seeing if it helps quiet that pesky little FOMO.


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